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Policy of Environmental System Management

Supply raw and roasted cashew nut kernels, conducting our operations in a way which prevents pollution and minimizes adverse impacts of our activities, products and services about environment and community, utilizing natural resources in a sustainable way; Comply with legal and interested parts requirements and Continuously improve the Environmental System Management.

Resibras is highly concerned with the preservation of the environment and meeting the recommendations of relevant regulatory bodies. By taking actions to eliminate or mitigate environmental impacts, it continuously invests in treatment of waste eliminated by its production process.
Liquid waste are directed to Effluent Treatment Plant responsible for treat the water used by the company in its industrial process. Solid waste, on the other hand, is directed to an adequate landfill where it is stored and prevented from impacting the environment. All Resibras actions are basically focused on the maintenance of natural resources. Water and energy are rationally used.
The  The company also contributes to a clean and renewable energy matrix by producing biomass from cashew nut shell.

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Barra do Ceará, Fortaleza - CE - Brasil

Cep: 60331-200

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