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Policy of Food Safety Management.

Supply raw and roasted cashew nut kernels safe to consumers health, comply with legal and costumers requirements and continuously improve the communication and the Food Safety System Management.

Having a tradition of more than forty years in the market, we maintain a continuous policy for technological innovation and capacity building of all our employees through an innovating management focused on quality of products and services.
Resibras Food Quality and Safety Management has a solid tradition in obtaining the certification of its systems.
In 2002, we pioneered the implementation of certification “Criteria for Evaluation of HACCP Operational System” by BVQI – Bureau Veritas Quality International, for raw dry-roasted and oil-roasted cashew nut kernel processing and commercialization.
In the year of 2008, we were awarded the recertification “HACCP Codex Alimentarius” for our System of Analysis and Hazards and Critical Control Points - APPCC, by SGS ICS Certifier.
In the beginning of 2015, the company was awarded the international certification FSSC 22000 - Food Safety System Certification, which is based on ISO standards fully recognized and accepted both by GFSI – Global Food Safety Initiative and European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA).
FSSC 22000 certification represents the adequacy to one of the most rigid food manufacture safety systems. That model allows a global view of food safety management thus increasing the reliability of traded products and the minimization of significant risks to food products. That result certifies the company’s commitment to its clients and consumers, by ensuring that quality, hygiene and safety criteria of its products are met.
We have also maintained since 2003 the Kosher Certificate that certifies that processed products comply with specific standards governing the orthodox Jewish diet and that the company complies with Kosher laws at food processing, including product cleaning, purity and quality requirements. That is a certification recognized worldwide and awarded as an indication of maximum quality control.



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