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Resibras Group, established in 1972, comprises three different business units: Marambaia (Cashew Nut Kernel), Cashol and Other Investments.
Products under Marambaia brand, which is the main activity of the group, are produced in two plants located in the State of Ceará, which occupy a surface area of 90,000 m² that currently generate more than 600 directs jobs with a processing capacity of up to 20,000 tons of raw cashew nuts per year.
A Resibras is one of the biggest and most modern cashew nut kernel processing and exporting industries in the world, where its Marambaia plant exports some 80% of its production to more than 40 countries. At national level, Resibras is a major supplier of cashew nut kernels to wholesalers, distributors and industries in several segments.



“To create and capture value in an entrepreneurial, innovating and sustainable way for the cashew nut production chain and the society.”


“To lead the focused market segments by generating value in the long term and expanding the presence of business units through innovation, technology, quality and management resulting in a sustainable growth."


  • Confidence and ethics among the general public.
  • Preference by clients and suppliers.

  • Excellence in quality of products and business.

  • Respect, valuation and capacity building of human resources.

  • Economic, environmental and social sustainability.·        

  • Innovation in products, processes and management.

  • Focus on results.

Rua Vinte de Janeiro,1615

Barra do Ceará, Fortaleza - CE - Brasil

Cep: 60331-200

Tel. 55 85 3288.7500 

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