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The activities oriented towards Occupational Health and Safety in our company is guided by a system contemplating subjects such as education, training and commitment of the workforce, among others. Company Principles:
• Stimulate the registry and treatment of health, safety and the environment issues and consider, in the consequence and recognition systems the importance of health, safety and the environment management practices;
• Educate and capacitate workers on health, safety and environmental issues by involving suppliers, communities, regulating agencies and labor unions among other interested third parties;
• Promote health and physical integrity of the worker by risk monitoring and control, adjusting internal process to best practices and being vigilant for emergency situations;
• Consider eco-efficiency of products and operations, minimizing the adverse impacts inherent to industries activities.
Environmental Risk Prevention Program
The Environmental Risk Prevention Program anticipates, identifies, prevents, evaluates and controls environmental risks (physical, chemical and biological). This program identifies existing risks in the work place that, due to their nature, concentration, intensity or exposure time are likely to cause harm to workers health. The control is made by monitoring sound, lighting and temperature and the use of individual and collective protection equipment. At admission time, Resibras provides training in occupational safety and offers protection equipment such as ear protectors, gloves, boots and others.
Medical Control and Occupational Health Program This program is designed for early prevention, tracking and diagnosis of work-related damages to health. The program includes periodical medical examinations during admissions, work returns, reassignments, and dismissals. The required exams include visual acuity, blood platelet count and parasitological tests.
Hearing Preservation Program
This program conducts preventive actions to eliminate or minimize risks and damages to workers hearing. The Hearing and Preservation Program includes examinations during admission and dismissal. Periodic exams are also performed on workers.
Internal Accident Prevention Committee
This committee is formed by staff members dedicated on obtaining safety and health for the work environment. The committee’s main purpose is to “observe and report risk conditions in the workplace and request corrective actions to reduce or eliminate existing risks and/or neutralize them”. The committee’s mission is to preserve the health and physical integrity of employees.
Internal Week for Preventing Accidents in the Workplace
This is a week-long event organized to promote activities focusing on the prevention of work accidents and occupational and work-related diseases. The Internal Accident Prevention Committee promotes lectures, competitions, raffles and motivational activities to develop awareness and orient employees on the importance of the prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases creating a vigilant attitude on workers by allowing them to recognize and request the necessary corrective actions to make the workplace safer, involving staff members in a continuous improvement process of the workplace.
Fire Brigade
The fire brigade is a group of previously trained, organized and capacitated personnel from an organization, company or establishment to perform care in emergency situations. The fire brigade receives training in fire prevention and combat, first aid care and emergency evacuation.

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